Harry's Box

Harry's Box

15.00 every month

Each month receive a box of perfect people treats chosen by Harry! You will receive 3 large Harry’s bars, & 3 mini Harry’s bars directly to your door.

Harry can’t think of better way for you to spend your month than savouring these bars!

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Buying a subscription box as a gift? Simply email us on hello@harrysemporium.co.uk to tell us the address you would like us to send it to (please include your name & receipt number so we don’t get confused!)

Want to receive an exciting box of chocolates each month, but not looking for long term commitment? Don’t worry, you can cancel your subscription at any point, or you can head to GIFTS to find fixed term subscriptions.

Your first subscription box will be sent out immediately. Subsequent boxes will be sent on the first Thursday of each month.